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Our Services

Historic Restoration & Repairs

No matter which century your home's architecture represents, our renovation team of carpenters can build on or renovate your historic landmark with the aesthetics applied by the original designers.

Drywall Installation & Repairs

Whether replacing or repairing your existing drywall or plaster sealing walls or installing and finishing drywall in your entire room or house, our drywall team turns your project into a finished reality.


Complement the beauty and value of your home with a new coat of paint, and you will feel like you did when you bought your home. Let the ShreveCo team enhance the beauty of your home with your choice of modern colors and textures.

Flooring and Wall Coverings

Trust our professionals to install your flooring and wall covering projects. Whether you choose laminates, composites, ceramic, vinyl tile, or handcrafted wood, ShreveCo Building & Remodeling will turn your house into a dream home.

Storm Damage

In our corner of our country, storms and the damage they can cause are a big reality. Our storm team will work quickly with you and your insurance carrier to ensure that our home and investment are returned to perfect in no time.

Framing Alterations & Structural Repairs

ShreveCo Building & Remodeling is a full-service framing contractor, and we provide all types of framing installation and repair solutions to your home from the foundations to the top of your roof.

Home Maintenance & Repair

Doors don't close; steps squeak or have a light switch does not work? Whatever the problem or repair, large or small, let ShreveCo service the problem!

Wood & Vinyl Railings, Stairs, Fences

ShreveCo building and remodeling installs all major brands of fences and railings. Our pros can custom build stairs, landings end even handicapped access ramps.